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Louisa's flirtation with Captain Wentworth consists of little more than jumping over stiles and off steps so that he might catch her in his arms as a father does his child.

There is a particular kind of creature who looks like a man on first encounter but who is, in fact, a very different species.

Jane Austen would have called this creature a 'puppy' or a 'coxcomb'; we would likely refer to him as a guy.

Pride and Prejudice begins with one of the most famous lines in English literature - 'It is a truth universally acknowledged that a young man in possession of a large fortune must be in want of a wife.' The line is dripping with irony, of course.

Although Gregory's reform was enacted in the most solemn of forms available to the Church, the bull had no authority beyond the Catholic Church and the Papal States.

Even parents who want an Indian or Hindu name just cannot seem to find something that matches the changing times. Hindu names, especially Hindu baby girls names need not be old-fashioned and outdated! Not all names have to have deep and powerful meaning. The birth of the baby brings unparalleled joy to the lives of the parents. It relates to the mythical Kalinda Mountains, from where a holy river flows. It is perfect for your little darling who has added so much love and cheer to your life. It is a popular name in India and will be a good choice if you don’t want a name that is too exotic. Over the last few years I spent hours and days of reading, researching and interviewing people practicing Judaism religion and Judaism beliefs. From one hand living an ancient Jewish lifestyle, and from the other hand mingling with secular society. I have researched all information on Orthodox Judaism. See how they dress and why they dress that way; learn about their family life and moral standards of ethical behavior; see why Orthoox Jewish women cover their hear and dress modest and much more. Just scroll down, choose your topic and start reading. You can write to me, and I will make my best effort to answer clear and simple in a swift manner. In the western world, the change was a simple date shift from the previous Julian Calendar but in the east the change from their old style lunisolar calendar was a more significant one.Today, the Gregorian calendar is the world's most widely used civil calendar.

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